This year the focus is on the topic of “mobility”. Mobility has become a megatrend in our society and the engine of a globalised world. According to a recent study by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), Germans travel a good 3.2 billion kilometers a day, which averages 39 kilometers per person. Being mobile and independent at all times has become a credo in an interconnected world. Mobility thus stands for the values of a new society that chants freedom, self-determination and individuality.

It is no longer just a matter of getting from A to B or transporting goods as quickly as possible. Mobility has become much more complex. Autonomous systems and data-based, intelligent services have the potential to optimise urban traffic volumes. Thanks to them, more and more highly individualised products and services are being created that are changing everyday life. Innovations in the field of mobility and transport therefore no longer react primarily to efficiency issues, but have an immense demand for quality.

On the other hand, the constant travel and the always expected flexibility are increasingly perceived as a burden by many. Transport providers are therefore using services and modern technologies to try to turn travel time into a travel experience. In order to counteract this strain, it seems necessary to have possibilities for deceleration and relief in a hypermobile society, which is always characterised by its mobility in the form of traffic, hecticness or stress.

Such an always mobile society also places great demands on mental and physical health. The individual is not only subject to the constant strain of this hypermobility, but must also have a basic state of health in order to participate in it. In order to ensure this, research-based approaches are being developed in medicine to eliminate or reduce restrictions on personal mobility. This implies physical and mental limitations due to disability and age as well as those caused by illness. Thus, basic individual mobility can be promoted not only by promoting health, but also by including those affected.

As multifaceted as mobility is, it must be treated in an interdisciplinary manner. Therefore, “Forum Junge Spitzenforscher” is open to researchers from all disciplines to present their current research and solution approaches.